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BSG Stillness

A Battlestar Galactica stillness community

Battlestar Galactica Stillness
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A Battlestar Galactica icon stillness community
Welcome to bsg_stillness!

This is an icon challenge community dedicated to the SciFi TV Show Battlestar Galactica.

Please respect all the other members, be polite and fair, follow the rules and have fun. :)

Special thanks go to quebelly for starting the stillness movement. If you are interested in starting your own stillness community, be sure to visit mod_stillness for more info and help.

• FOUNDERS: spitefairy & zuckermaus77
• MOD: amidala_thrace
• BANNER MAKER: firestar28
Contests will be held one week apart with challenges posted on Sundays and voting held from Friday to Sunday.

• You must be a member of the community in order to enter the challenges. So join!

• This is a stillness community, so no animated icons are permitted. All other icons are welcome, as long as they fit LJ's standard size and type requirements. This means icons must be 100x100 pixels, under 40kb, and in png., gif., or jpg. format. Brushes, textures, text, etc. are welcome and encouraged.

• You must use only the pictures provided for each challenge, unless stated otherwise.

• You are usually allowed to submit up to 3 icons, but it may change for certain challenges.

• Please do NOT vote for yourself in the contest. It defeats the purpose of entering a challenge in the first place. Do not ask anybody to vote for you. Anonymous votes won't be accepted.

• Vote fairly. Please do not vote for your friends strictly based on your friendship. Vote for what you think is best - creativity, skill, and other qualities that do not cross the personal barrier. Thank you. :)

• Please don’t post your icon for public use until the contest is over. After winners have been announced, you’re free to do what you’d like with it! If you do not follow this rule, you will be disqualified.
When participating, you must post your icons as a comment to the challenge post along with the url of each icon. All comments will be screened. If one or more of your entries do not follow the rules stated above, it/they may be rejected. Your submissions should look like this:

You'll get to vote with your top three in order of preference for each category.

Voting will be closed on Sunday. The winners will be announced later that same day.

1st place (most votes)
2nd place (2nd most votes)
3rd place (3rd most votes)

Submit your choices as a vote on the poll.

For each challenge there will be a Mod's Choice, which will be chosen by that week's mod.
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If you'd like to affiliate with bsg_stillness just leave a comment to this entry. Please note that if your community shows as deleted (i.e. its username is struck through), we reserve the right to remove it from our affiliates list.
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